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Antique Appraisal

Wilcox & Hall have known "What it's worth" since 1959 and have a highly recommended service. They can offer you quick answers for your antique appraisal questions or a standard appraisal, Antique Appraisal, Antique Appraiser, Antique Auction, Antique Auto, Antique Auto Part, Antique Automobile, ready in only 2 days. They have a fantastic do-it-yourself appraisal tutorial they offer at community colleges for only $2.95!

Bath Antiques offers extremely reliable, highly accurate and completely impartial antique appraisals as well as a free searchable antiques price guide with over 120,000 items. Search the 145,000+ items in Krause's Interactive Price Guide. All you have to do is register and you can do an antique appraisal on your own.

PriceMiner is a service from the combined efforts of eBay, GoAntiques and the Internet Antique Shop, Antique Bed, Antique Boat, Antique Book, Antique Bottle, Antique Camera. You get instant analysis in the form of graphs and charts including average price, number of items included in the average, range of price from highest to lowest, and a current estimate based on today’s market conditions with a confidence factor. Wow!

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Antique Clock

The Antique Clock Guy represents buyers.The Antique Clock Guy represents buyers, sellers, major collectors, estates, "pre-estates"... and the small guys, too. We'd be pleased to represent and sell your antique clock, antique barometer or antique mechanical music item, or perhaps your entire collection. We also accept listings for high-end, quality antiquities such as bronzes ( Antique Firearm, Antique Fishing Lure ). We provide physical and "digital consignment" options as well as outright purchase of quality collections and estates. We work with lots of families and collectors with what we call "Pre-Estates" so your family is not left with a collection for which they eventually receive ten cents on the dollar. We help keep the vultures from your door and maximize your return on investment!

We'll also conduct a search to help you find an antique clock, antique mechanical music instrument, or category of antique that you've been seeking. Whether you're seeking a Seth Thomas Regulator, an E. Howard Regulator, a Ithaca Double-Dial Calendar, Antique Furniture Philadelphia, Antique Furniture Washington Dc, Antique Glass, a big Waterbury Jeweler's Regulator, a Tallcase or “Grandfather's” Clock, or even a 1970s piece from the Gazo Family Clock Factory – whatever it is – we’ll get to work right away on your behalf. And there is no charge for those services... honest.

This site is populated with lots of wonderful items... antique clocks, Antique Car, Antique Car For Sale, Antique Car Insurance, Antique Car Part, Antique Chair, antique automatic musical instruments, and antique mechanical music devices... and that's only a drop in the bucket of all we have available for you. We always have way more antique clocks in our available inventory than we have time to display here.

If you don't see what you're seeking, just ask us! If you have a truly antique clock, antique barometer or antique mechanical music device of quality that you wish to sell, please click the "Selling Items" button to the left. (Other than Gazo Clocks, if it's not an antique we definitely won't have interest.) Also, be sure to check our our Antique Clock Reference Library articles. If you've researched and written an appropriate antique clock article or history on one of the clockmakers or other related topic, we may have interest in publishing it here. ( Antique Furniture, Antique Furniture Chicago )

Antique Dealer

Antique dealers buy and sell antique objects and collectors' items.Antique dealers buy and sell antique objects and collectors' items. They may deal in a wide range of antiques or specialise in a particular area such as jewellery, glass, furniture or china [ Antique Chicago, Antique China, Antique Classics, Antique Clock, Antique Coin, Antique Collectible ].

The work involves:

  • buying items from sales rooms, auctions, markets and trade fairs
  • selling them to the general public from shops or from stalls in antique centres. Some specialist dealers may work from home, buying and selling to order
  • negotiating purchases and sales on an individual basis
  • increasingly buying and selling items online
  • carrying out minor restoration work
  • researching the identity and potential value of objects
  • advising owners on the value of their antiques for insurance or sales purposes.

There are no set hours of work. Antique dealers have to be prepared to work long and unsocial hours, including weekends and evenings. A driving licence is essential, Antique Cookie Jar, Antique Corner Shelf, Antique Dallas, Antique Dealer, Antique Desk, as the work usually involves a lot of travelling. Nights away from home may be necessary.

Antique dealers in the UK work from shops, antiques markets and fairs and from home. Most dealers are self-employed, some are part-time and a few combine dealing with restoration work. It could be possible to progress to specialist dealer or auctioneer.

Edged Weapons And Antique Firearms

Edged weapons, which include swords, sabres, dirks and bayonets, come up for sale frequently and Antique Furniture Dallas, Antique Furniture Houston, Antique Furniture Los Angeles, depending on the type of weapon you choose, you can build up a collection for relatively little outlay. Most antique firearms fall into one of two categories: flintlocks, which use a flint to make a spark and ignite the charge; or percussion guns, in which a metal cap containing a small explosive charge is ignited by the stroke of the hammer.

Chinese Antique Furniture Ningbo Factory

We are manufacture and exporter in China specialized in Chinese antique furniture restoration, Chinese antiques , Antique Diamond Ring, Antique Dish, Antique Doll, Antique Door, Antique Engagement Ring, antique accessories, oriental curio, antique furniture reproduction, wood carving, Asian folk art, handicrafts and etc. We offer a wide ranged Products for you to choose from: Chinese Antique, Ancient, Oriental Curio, Chinese Antique Furniture, Chinese Cultural Revolution, Ceramic, Porcelain, Pottery, Buddha Art, Bronze&Copper, Bamboo, Stone, Wood Carving, ,Painting, Lighting, Mongolia& Tibet, Garden Furniture&Garden Pottery, Rustic Home Refinishing, Interior Decorators, Pavilion, Baskets Miscellaneous .

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